Osman Season 3

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65 in Urdu

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65 in Urdu

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65 in Urdu, Your messenger is coming, my Sultan. Soldiers, hold on! Speak. My Sultan, as you ordered I was welcomed by Kayi Bey, Osman Ghazi. Your headquarter was prepared with Osman Bey’s personal attention. He’s waiting for you. Tell me, how are Ghazis? Are soldiers worried or happy? We saw all the warriors as they are going to a feast, my Sultan. Even Osman Bey is like that. We saw all the warriors admire Osman Bey. Everyone we spoke, they said it’s a blessing to fight under Osman Bey’s flag. There is no winner but Allah. Where are you, Aygul?

One wolf is enough for four jackals!

She’ll come soon with my Bey. Why are you so impatient, Cerkutay? Yeah, I am. I’m impatient more than ever, brother. Like I’m flying. We’ll take our revenge from Byzantine. We’ll take their ammo and And? And ..I’ll prepare dowry, brother. Dowry. The Alps. My Bey. Tell me the situation. They kept guards all night to not get raided, my Bey. They’re resting now. They’ll go to their headquarters at night, my Bey. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65 in Urdu The loot and ammo are plenty. They were up all night like snakes so they’re so tired now, my Bey. The right time to attack. Huh. They have a lot of ammo but their number is big too. Should we inform the Alps, Osman Bey? One to four, brother. One to four. One wolf for four jackals.

I don’t doubt that we’ll win the war!

Look at him. Even Cerkutay ran out of patience. Come on. Sultan is about to arrive. Let’s not lose any time. Brother. You stay with the archers. Eyvallah, Osman Bey. Aygul Hatun will take care of the runners. Eyvallah, my Bey. Allah is eternal! Turks! Damn it! War position! Osman got ruined with the attack. The battlefield will be his end. I wish it was easy as you said, Dukas. What else does he have to trust other than Sultan’s army? Whatever he trusted so far, he has that. Sultan’s army is coming for the first time, Dukas. The ones who lose their hope before the war it’s unnecessary for them to go to the field, Nikola. I don’t doubt that we’ll win the war but I just can’t see who will die and survive.

I was worried about preparing dowry!

The camp was established near Domanic and security was provided. What about the reinforcements and weapons? They arrived at night as you ordered. They’ll bring the weapons tonight. Good. Let’s go then. The victory can’t wait. Don’t run away! Idiots! Die, Osman! Say this to my sword too. My Bey! The Alps! You look happy, Cerkutay. Of course, my Bey. I was worried about preparing dowry. Teskilat Episode 16, I didn’t know the emperor’s army would do that for me! It’s time to find a good woman for you Osman Bey. Dukas and Nikola, When they learn what happened to the reinforcements and weapons both will be shocked.

But I will settle my score with Dukas on the battlefield!

But Leo…They blacklisted Leo, brother. They set us up because of his friendship with me. But I will settle my score with Dukas on the battlefield. Goktug. My Bey. Take these weapons to the Sultan’s headquarters. As you order, my Bey. We’ll lead the way ahead. Let’s go! How are you? I’m good, Aisha Hatun. May the peace be on you. May the peace be upon you. Malhun Hatun, we heard that you were pregnant. May Allah let the baby raise with you. If you give us permission, we have modest gifts for you. Astaghfirullah, hatuns. Thank you. Thanks a lot. Have a seat. Let’s drink our sherbet and talk. Zoe, bring sherbet for our guests. Thank you. Mashallah.

I have things to tell you if you let me!

You gave Osman Bey the great news that he expected for a really long time. Not only our bey but also our tribe. Thanks to Allah, we’ve seen these days. Hatuns. You should be careful about the words you speak. We should go now. I have things to tell you if you let me. I have things to do. With your consent. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65 in Urdu, Zoe. Help me. What’s the matter, Bala Hatun? Zoe. I suspect some of her behaviours.

Did Osman Bey’s hatun stop doing her own business and watch over the poor girl?!

Why is that? She told Gonca she went to the cloth shop in Sogut. But we found out that she didn’t. Not only this. She often disappears without telling anybody. I want you to be careful about Zoe. Did Osman Bey’s hatun stop doing her own business and watch over the poor girl assisting me? It seems you’re angry with me because I let Zoe in the tribe without asking you. But don’t worry. I swear by her. I said what I said. You’re the one to decide.

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