Halka Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitles

Halka Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitles

Halka Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitles, Let him have a look around. But not far. Go on Bahar. Cihangir I thought your dad was a baker when I saw him with flour all over him. He wasn’t. You make the bread but he eats it. It’s a different era. You should think differently too. Let’s build a bridge together. You know I won’t do that Mr Akay. You wouldn’t come here. Is everything alright? Overpopulation creates wars Cihangir. It’s hard to find the money for everyone. I had just taken an order. Let me give you my card. Take it. I don’t give it to everyone. You are like my namesake. Cihangir İskender. Same thing. Let’s conquer Athens together.

Should I stay with them or follow İskender’s daughter?

See you get my joke. I need someone like you. Let’s go. He is chatting with İskender. How could he know? He came unannounced. He’s not a guest he’s not our friend. Doesn’t he think it’s odd? I am angry as it is. Just stop it. I can’t understand how he’s so calm. If the end of the world had come he would only raise his voice slightly. He would just walk away slowly and quietly. His insomnia makes him a different person. Sir? You know the Qataris are here. Should I stay with them or follow the girl? İskender’s daughter. Follow the girl. Let me know if she gets out of the house. If she won’t come out make Hakan call her to meet him outside.

We should keep an eye on Müjde!

What was her name? Müjde. They probably named her after the old movies. Can you believe it? İskender watching movies, İskender will do something. Let’s take precautions. We should keep an eye on Müjde. OK. Look. I couldn’t reach you by phone. That’s why I came here. Your phone was off. I forgot to turn it on. Morning. Why was İskender here? To threaten us. Dad? He used to work for us. He should be ashamed. What’s the saying, Dad? Nothing. He intimidates fights tell me to stay out of his way. That’s all. But why is he doing this? Maybe someone is helping him. He doesn’t have a spine. His rages end with him chickening out.

We only get electric saz and drums!

He always imitated your dad. Gülay just stops it. Son, I don’t know anything. If you know anything to tell me. He came here intimidated us talked and talked and left. But something triggered them. You will find it and tell me. I don’t know anything. Look at him, Ah the good old days of violin clarinet qanun. We only get electric saz and drums. What are they doing? This is fidayda not kolbastı. Lentils? Tarhana. So you like organic. You can be shown as a special case to the ministry of education. As an example for education casualty


You’re not even from Ankara!

You are good at giving speeches. You should try politics. Why are you here? Have you ever thought about it? You are here because Captain believes in you. But I don’t believe you and I don’t trust you. Do you know fidayda? You’re not even from Ankara. What are you talking about? You’re right. So it was in me all this time. But laziness isn’t in me. I got that much. Come on. Wait for me İstanbul. I am coming. Go on Kaan. Please. Go on. Did you find him? No, the Qataris are lost. What do you mean lost? Halka Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitles, Did his plane land in İstanbul?

There can’t be any other explanation!

Yes. So? We waited at the gate but he wasn’t there. Can’t you do one thing right? Where are you? They don’t let us park. We’re circling around. We are looking for them inside. Sir, he is either running away from us or he was kidnapped. There can’t be any other explanation. İskender, I don’t give it to everyone. Adem. How is Müjde? We are at Hakan’s place. Halka Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitles, She is here too. Good. Don’t leave her. I am coming wait for me. OK? Alright. We are leaving. Mr Akay?

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