Barbarossa Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles Let those who come, be pusat to those who leave! No one will come out! No one! You will catch everyone who comes to the inn! Never return without a trace! Lets! It’s your command, sir! Come on brothers, come on! Lets! God forbid anything happened to anyone, Kornelya. Obviously, someone wants to kill Osman Bey. Reason sentence to Mr. Osman What’s wrong with blowing up Söğüt? Who does Cornelia such a villainy? Of course, at a time like this, it cannot be anyone other than Gündüz Bey who wants to take the life of Osman Bey. What do you think, Selvi hatun, what kind of word is that? What do you think, Erdoğdu? Didn’t you know that the willow has exploded!

I’ll go and tell Malhun.

They say that Söğüt also exploded his brain at Gündüz. What do you say, Cornelia? How did Mr Gündüz become such a bad guy? Didn’t we ever know him? Don’t do it, cornelia Gündüz Bey is a prisoner. How does he do all those things? Can’t you see someone set a trap for my lord? What if I see what I don’t see? Everyone is talking about it. Shepherd! Shepherd! My brother! My brother! We did it so that it would explode in the infidel’s chest. We have this as well. I’ll be sent off with our own gun. Shh, what a farewell brother, what a farewell! Where do you go before Inegol rumbles? I wish that too, brother Cerkutay. Conquests will be without me, but my heart is at ease. There will be conquests.

Brother! Let me say to my brother, my lord, let my lord give his right.

Brother! Turks are not prisoners. It dies free. Eşhedü en la ilahe illallah wa ashhadu anne Muhammeden abduhu ve rasûlüh Barbarossa Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles  Gone! Gone Cerkutay gone! Akça shepherd Akça shepherd Akça shepherd… The principality ruled by Osman will be shattered like its alps. We’re just getting started, Barkin. Osman did not die. But he will watch his reputation and loved ones vanish. We would say whoever he trusted, but Kosses and Turgut came out despite everything. It means we’re not attacking hard enough, Barkın. You will not stop until their swords are pointed at each other. We have become pusat to our own oba.


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Barbarossa Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles

We will get rid of the slanders thrown at us, Ayşe. This too will pass. It’s not our fault, it will come out of course. Of course. Well, master… what do you want from me? You were dismissed from your office, you were insulted. Did he turn towards Turgut Bey, who sat on the authority of hatred and greed in him? We did not nail these authorities with nails, Osman Bey. That’s what we paid for our mistake. I have neither hatred nor greed in me. Especially for a chick. And a chick with a baby in her belly. Don’t you dare mention my brother’s name! Regardless of the verdict, I will kill you Day! Kosses! Leave. Leave! The deceased is your sister! But he died in my tribe.

The accused is my brother.

Both the decision and the verdict are mine! You either sit down or go away! For now, I remain silent, Osman Bey… If your judgment is not just, then I will bring justice with my sword. If you are not convinced of my justice, then you can use your penny. But know that I won’t hold back either! Thank you… Mr. Gunduz. The fact that you once surrendered Mari sets a precedent. Your anger at Turgut Bey and Kosses is the reason. The fact that these poisons come out of your tent constitutes evidence. If you run away from oba, it ‘s because you admit the crime. Mister day! If you say slander, you will speak. Do not succumb to slander! Let’s talk. It’s late girl, sit down late.

Barbarossa Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles

Oh, I hope our sheikh will be healed. Go get a pot and I’ll get the herbs ready. – OK. Is it for Sheikh Edebali, mother Selcan? Hey girl, I boiled bone broth. If I add herbs to it, I hope our sheikh will recover and stand up soon. I’ll add it Zehra, you take care of mother Selcan. Let’s add a little more to it. Masallah. – Is it enough? Let me see if it’s all right? Oh, bring it girl. Bring it on tight. Raise it before it gets cold, come on! I’ll go too, maybe they need help. Go girl, come on. Osman Bey, He is the brother of Osman, Gündüz Bey, but you see Selvi. Isn’t it all out there? What you say is right, sister. But you know, Bala girl stands by Selcan to be nice to her.

No, Bala Hatun does not keep such calculations.

My dear sister, you think everyone is like you. But it is not. Whether it’s a matter of principality or a post, no one knows anyone. Brother to sister falls to sister. But there is, you think that I am suizan. however, your beautiful heart knows best. Osman loves you very much, Gündüz Bey. I should never have let my sister interfere with you. I should never have taken him out of his fortified castle and handed him over to your bristle tents. Even if it wasn’t by your hand, he still died because of you. Kus Kosses, vomit your hatred for us over slander. Is it hate? Come on, Gündüz, if my sister hadn’t died, Barbarossa Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles

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