Barbarossa Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles We have this as well. I’ll be sent off with our own gun. Shh, what a farewell brother, what a farewell! Where would you go before Inegol rumbles? I wish that too, brother Cerkutay. Conquests will be without me, but my heart is at ease. There will be conquests. Brother! Let me say to my brother, my lord, let my lord give his right. Brother! Turks are not prisoners. It dies free. Eşhedü en la ilahe illallah wa ashhadu anne Muhammeden abduhu ve rasûlüh No! Gone! Gone Cerkutay gone! Akça shepherd Akça shepherd Akça shepherd… The principality ruled by Osman will be shattered like its alps. We’re just getting started, Barkin. Osman did not die. But he will watch his reputation and loved ones vanish.

We would say whoever he trusted,

but Kosses and Turgut came out despite everything. It means we’re not attacking hard enough, Barkın. You will not stop until their swords are pointed at each other. There will not be a single place where they have not been hit. Sleepers awakened. And he set fire to his Khan with the ammunition they dreamed of conquering. It will explode as soon as someone walks in. You slithered among them like a snake, Cornelia. No, I’m just a loyal poor guy They brought Mari here too. What you learned from Mari will be very useful to us. Thanks to you, we will shoot Osman with his own gun. But no one will even think of it. Who can be harmed by an orphan who mourns for his wife? You will do more harm, Cornelia too…

Too much. While we blow up Söğüt,

you will play a trick on Gündüz. If you succeed, everyone will believe that Gündüz burned Söğüt to escape. This will be very easy. I’m destroying everything, not just your people, sir. By this time Cornelia must have finished her work. Oh my beautiful Cornelia. There is nothing he can’t do. What if Osman forgives Gündüz? Osman cannot face all this pressure and forgive Gündüz. It will kill him. We will reveal Gündüz’s innocence and burn Osman’s heart. Will he kill her? If he does not kill him, neither Kosses nor Turgut will forgive him. God bless you, Bala lady. I’ll put it in a copper dish.Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.


Episode 28

Ya Shafi. It is time for duty. Goodbye Osman Bey?

Now come to the Tekfur of İnhisar. You should scare him thoroughly. He would cause trouble to Turkish traders who persecuted the oppressed. Let him say that if he wants to live in peace in his castle, then he will pay his taxes on time. If he doesn’t? Barbarossa Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles my lord? They don’t expect anything like that from us for now. But while we know that we are sleeping, we will act at that time. I will make the world narrow for them at an unexpected time. Monopoly is an important fortress. If we take it, then the gates of İnegöl will be opened. Hey, Nowruz has come, the conquest has begun. In the end, let the Muslim’s face smile too. May Allah heal our sheikh.

I hope you wake up soon.

Did Malhun really enter the blood of Sheikh Edebali, Gündüz Bey? I call it the explosion in Söğüt. No, Selvi, my heart does not believe. What’s wrong, sister? At the time of the explosion, they escaped from the tribe. Everything is obvious. Whoever Mr. Gündüz does business with, their aim is to kill Osman Bey! What they didn’t do, sister? Didn’t you tell them what they did? I don’t know, I don’t know Selvi. Barbarossa Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles Well played, sister. He had a job with the Mongolian. Isn’t the Mongolian the murderer of my emm? Anyone who works with a Mongolian will do anything, sister. Do you think all this work one after the other is for nothing?

Mari, Willow, mmm! Who does all this point to?

What do you say, Selvi? Did Mr Gündüz go this far? Do you think he caused my father too? When he distributes his goods, he thinks that the right has found its place. Is this your justice, Osman Bey? Sir, our scouts. On the way, they found Gündüz’s brain bone. Obviously, they were attacked on the way, sir. Gunduz Bey and Ayşe Hatun are dead, sir. My Day is gone! What? She’s gone… Whoever set up this trap intends to leave Osman alone. So they killed my Mari to leave Osman alone? Think Kosses, Gündüz and I are Osman’s friends. We are the commander of the army of his comrades, with whom he girds himself. You are his most precious ally. Can’t you see? They smashed us all in one blow.

Barbarossa Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles

that I would attack Gündüz when he set out. He knew that too, he exiled Gündüz on purpose. Because now Gündüz has to die. We die Turgut, we die. We will do whatever is necessary in favor of Kayi. So who is attacking us, Turgut? Who! Whoever attacked us does it in the dark. We also have one chance to draw it into the light. You and I will be enemies to Osman. Gunduz must be dead too. Let them know for now. Well tell me Turgut why should I trust you? Why should I spare Gunduz’s life? Forgiveness Osman Bey wants Gündüz and Ayşe to stay in your castle. I also want that if the evidence points to Gündüz, you will behead him as soon as possible. Both of them. Well.

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