Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles It’s as if they mixed all kinds of poisons that suffocated the village, drowned the wolves, and grew black. My sheikh! My sheikh! Is my bala sheikh alright? cornelia The food you brought poisoned my sheikh. Babes! What a job! How can that be, right Cornelia? What you touch is poisoned. First Mari, now my father! I did not do! How can I do such a thing? How do you think about it? Are you going to say you poisoned me? What you breathe next to you is poisoned! Who! Whose job is this! Who do you hire? I did not do! I didn’t even touch my hand Bala lady! Did you do it then, Zehra? Who else touched the soup besides the two of you? I do not have such an inclusion. I made the soup with mother Selcan

But I swear I didn’t do such a thing.

You didn’t do it, he didn’t, who would do this! My father struggles with his life! Who does this job? Honey honey. Honey honey! We do not say that it is from you, sisters. But the enemy comes in all kinds. Huh Zehra lady? Cornelia? Have you ever left your head? – No. Zehra carried her along the way. He didn’t even hold a hand to anyone. If you didn’t bring Zehra closer, who put the poison? Get out! Go out, think carefully, think who came, who went! Exit! Bala, you would think that Cornelia did it too, wouldn’t you? Is there anyone else to suspect other than him, Aygül? What about Mari? Did he do it to Mari too? How does this work? Keep your eyes on him, Aygül. Where does he go, who does he meet?

It is necessary to find the one holding the stump.

We’ll find it. We will find it, Bala. A certain Bala Hatun has entered the evil camp. Osman Bey should be informed. Don’t worry, we’ll find it. Osman is making a game. Where is Gunduz’s grave, Nikola? Did Kosses burn it? Ever heard of such a thing? Kosses love to show off. He should have taken Gündüz’s head and thrown it in front of Osman by now. They just said he died. Okay, maybe Kosses got his revenge silently. Maybe Day is alive. And it’s all a game. Osman, the master Arius. Nothing about him surprises me. But an enemy he can’t see will make him very suspicious. Not a single soldier who sees the Kayı flag on their way will ask for directions. They will give two chests of gold as tax,


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provided that the castle remains in their hands.

oh my god! But you tell me this. Was he willing to accept all this? Do not let anyone come and honor their agreements. When they say they will protect you from Osman, do they say it? Whoever will save him from the wrath of Osman Bey will hug him, my lord. Beautiful. Now, let’s spread our false enmity with Mr. Turgut. At that time, whoever is against us will hug Kosses and Turgut Bey. When they sit at the alliance table, we will conquer Inhisar at that table! Hopefully. Thank you very much, sir. Say, my lord, it is the time of conquest. hey. Our fresh pusats are waiting to shed infidel blood, sir. Thank you master David.

Is there a destur, sir? come on.

My Bey Bala Hatun sent word, Sheikh Edebali Sheikh Edebali was poisoned. As you wish, Malhun will no longer wake up until you become the lord . Cornelia, you are really poisonous. Tell me how did you do that? I mixed a few herbs in the healing water at the head end. Oh my beautiful girl, you don’t have a fever either. What happened to you? I don’t know, mother, I don’t have the strength to stand up. I can’t even open my eyes. He ate what I brought, huh? Seven seven Selcan mother. You rest, I’ll come again, my daughter? OK mom. Don’t leave your head. Malhun girl. tawny. Thank you, girl. How is Ana Malhun? I’ve barely had anything to eat now. But he hardly opens his eyes. Hopefully he will wake up tomorrow. Hopefully.

Come on, sit down. It’s good to be cautious, mother.

The enemy is closer to us than we are. I hope we will find such a girl. We will find it. Thank you, girl. cornelia You sit down late, my daughter Zehra will take care of it. Pull your mat. Sit down girl – Thank you. Come on. Destur! my sheikh. Hey go lie world. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Selamunaleykum dear ones. And aleykum salam and berakatuhu. my sheikh. May my Lord not leave you behind, my sheikh. Thank you, your conversation was once again blessed for us. Our praise is endless for those who come from our Lord, Osman Bey. You’re welcome to order.  May this heart be sacrificed to the almighty Calaba, who has forgiven you to us. May you exist, Kumral Abdal.

Hopefully, we will sacrifice our souls to his path

and reach those who are saved. Hopefully. How do we sacrifice our souls in the way of our Lord, my sheikh? Standing since our enemy, my Akça. Will our enemy end in these lands, my sheikh? Be a valiant so that he has plenty of enemies. May he be mighty. A believer’s worst enemy is the devil. How well do we know our enemy? However, he knows us very well. Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles  If we are rich, it makes stingy, if we are gentle, it makes us cruel. Demand makes it lazy. How well do we know him? How do we avoid his tricks?

Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles

In order to make Satan kneel and devastate him, we will first become Muslims properly. Now you say, how are we going to be proper Muslims? The Messenger of Allah said: Whoever is pleased with Allah as a Lord, Islam as a religion, and Muhammad as a prophet, who is satisfied with them, has tasted the taste of faith. If we are getting the flavor of faith, then we will make the devil kneel. The person who tastes the flavor of faith puts Islam first. Islam now comes before office for him. It comes before the help of the spouse and the child. No ornament in the world, no trouble in the world can prevent him from praying. He cannot be idle and not give zakat.

He cannot be arrogant and boastful

Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles that he has sat on the throne. Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles If there are judges like men, justice will come in that country. If there is a merchant like a man, abundance will come to that town. We are all mirrors of each other. What did our ancestors say? Grapes turn black when looking at grapes. 

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