Teskilat Season 3 Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles A woman came to our minds. His eyes are blind in enmity with you. He accused us of sending us from here. Ah my less rational! How couldn’t think about it?Before everything, it is important to make sure that the woman we have seen is mulberry. We can’t know without facing it. What will you do?Will you get the woman out of the arm with anger?Command Pasha can bring it. What Jaffer saw will tell Pasha. Have you gone crazy, you, the idea?Want to catch us by force?Pasha won’t see us, sister.

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Jurisprudence will talk to Jaffar. I go and talk to the commandant Pasha. Can’t reach so quickly. You Genevieve always made hypocrisy with us. My grandfather Murad ⁇ gave you some privileges to trade easily. And you did the French emperor at the time by nexus. Wanted to attack the Ottoman Empire.N You told Sultan of Sultans, the victorious Sultan Muhammad Khan; that: You will be with you at the time of the siege of the Byzantines. secretly helped the Byzantines.M And by calling Janvi Justiniani. War with the Ottomans.

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Sultan Muhammad Khan did not punish you for asking your order and rubbing the heels ( begging for life ). And in the dirt, I allowed you to live. Allah is Jalalshahad that. I must have caught Dada’s order, not harming you. Didn’t treat badly. Teskilat Season 3 Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles You do not stop mischief in my kingdom. And innocent ( Begah ) helped slander people, yes? I am in Constantinople as the Ambassador of Genius. Chains ( Hitchcock and Beaches ) Open. Is your name Moses bin Joseph?

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You are accused of killing a Christian businessman through slaughter. Your sin is so big that. You have ruined the peace established between Christians and Muslims. Pope Hazrat is in court today for stability. The Sultan will beg Solomon for his death. Otherwise you will get out. Moses bin Yusuf! If you show the pasimani. And apologize to Christians. So your crime will be forgiven for stability. The folding ones that are putting on me is the plunder of lies. You will not apologize to people at all. Moses is the son of Beghana. – The court was dissolved. -Thank God, Mr. Moses.


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Don’t be afraid I am the man of Sultan Suleiman; My name is Seed Ali. Get in the car, hurry up. I am Barbaros Khurdin. We will take you and Jamila lady out of the wild. But first you have to follow my point. As you understand, Khairuddin Rais. Will send you, I had an idea. You did very well by deciding to release Moses, Pope Hazrat. We have killed Moses, they will never know. Written in our holy book, Alexander. “Mango, will be granted. Find, you will find.

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Because the beggar is granted and the seeker is found. And the door is opened for the knocker.” I am a monk ( Padri ) Conrad. Why bother so much, Pastor?Because Barbados came last night and threatened me to take my ship. Teskilat Season 3 Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles He and his companions will escape Moses from the wild. Everything is going according to our plan. Rais, dressed as Moses, entered his house. Good and shark man?If he had an eye on us, he would understand that Moses had entered the house.

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I’m sure the chiefs will deal with it. May the Lord protect him. Thank God Almighty. Sharkan met the dog, Raees?But this time I could not escape. Your hands be safe, Raees. Faria leaves before she finds her body. I was not surprised when your mother told you you were here. I know, you were at home yesterday when you came home. Now, know what if I tell the guard at the door that you’re here?And you, careless and without permission.

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He pursued Salomon without caring about the forces of the state. I will forgive this negligence once. If I saw the law be discouraged again. So you will find yourself in jail! Forgive us, Pasha Hazrat! We didn’t want the problem to reach this point. We didn’t want to put you in trouble.

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I believe you. But you didn’t believe me. I wish you knew. How much effort tried for you and how many people begged. I am commanding Ahmed. Have these women told me the truth?Are you one of Salomon’s men?I have heard that you saw Salomon taking money from a woman. And that if you see it again, they will recognize it. Will he testify in court?I can tell you what I saw, and testify.